Aims & Objectives

  • The motto of the Camp Education Society is 'Service and Sacrifice'.Dr. Arvind B. Telang who is the founder of the Senior College, gave the Society another motto to take the institution forward in attaining the goals and objectives set out by the founding fathers of the Camp Education Society: 'Planning and Perfection'.
  • To provide quality education in a secular environment to all the section of society, especially the socially and economically underprivieged.
  • To identity areas where education has not yet reached and help spread the light of education
  • To foster a spirit of amity and brotherhood between students from various background.
  • To provide girl students equal educational opportunities.
  • To encourage social awareness in students and create in them a sense of responsibility towards society, to create opportunities for students to participate in research and extension activities.
  • To provide personality development opportunity to studnets. Through sports, co-curricular and extra curricular activities. To ensure their all-round development.
  • To make good citizens of the country.
  • To foster good moral values in the students.
  • To stress importnace of discipline and commitment for success.