Principal’s Message

Dr. Prakash Daulatrao Patil

Dr. Prakash Daulatrao Patil

I am very happy to welcome you to a NAAC Accreditated Camp Education Society's Dr. Arvind B. Telang Senior College Arts, Commerce and Science. This is the age of globalization, economic liberalization, Information technology and Biotechnology. In this era traditional degrees have become the basic qualification for the career oriented students as well as there are many technological degrees introduced to fulfill the needs of difference walks of life. We have been providing this facility for the last fifteen years. I assure you that we belive in Quality and strive for quality enhancement.

Dr. Arvind B. Telang senior college Arts, Commerce and Science is a part of prestigious Camp Education Society, spreading light of education for the upliftment of the society. We aim at overall personality development of the students. We try to bring it about by producing healthy atmosphere ofr interactions through co-curricular and extra curricular activities. We aim at Academic Excellence by updating all the departments and knowledge of faculty members. We encourage the students for better results by giving them awards and prizes.

We need your whole hearted support to realize our dreams and bring about the progressive change in the students' lives.

In this age of globalization knowledge is getting free from socio-economic limitations. Therefore, select a path to create your own indentify and leave your mark behind as a guiding star for the next generations, stand out with the best in mind that the success is based on the discipline.

Wish you all the best...............!