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The student, Teaching and non-teaching staff should not use plastic National Flag in the School and Collage premises. शाळा व महाविद्यालयामध्ये विद्यार्थी, शिक्षक व शिक्षकेत्तर कर्मचारी यांनी प्लॅस्टिक राष्ट्रध्वजाचा वापर करू नये.
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  Courses of M. Com. :  
  Part - I  
  Coumpulsary Subjects :  
  1) Management Accounting  
  2) Principles of Management Information System (M.I.S.)  
  Optional Subjects :  
  1) Accounting Group -  
  a) Advanced Accounting (b) Business Taxation  
  2) Business Administration Group -  
  a) Production, Operatio and Marketing Management  
  b) Financial Management  
  Part - II  
  Coumpulsary Subjects :  
  1) Business Finance  
  2) Industrial Economics  
  Optional Subjects :  
  1) Accounting Group -  
  a) Advanced Accounting and Taxation (b) Research Methodology in Accounting  
  2) Business Administration Group -  
  a) Human Resource Management  
  b) Research Methodology and Project Work  
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  Memorandum Of Understanding

  Core Values in Institution

  Professional Code

  Human Values and Professional Ethics

  Extension activities neighborhood community



  Programme Outcomes, Programme Specific Outcomes, Course Outcomes

  Student Satisfation survey 18-19 report

  College Academic Calendar 2018-19

  Maintenance Policy and Procedure of Departments

  Code of Conduct  
  Online Registration  
  Admission Process  
  IPR Report of event  
  AQAR Report 2014-15
  AQAR Report 2015-16
  AQAR Report 2016-17
  AQAR Report 2017-18
  AQAR Report 2018-19
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